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Bottom Dollar method

Bottom Dollar Book

Bottom Dollar Book

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Financial security is one goal that everyone wants to achieve now more than ever with the continuing economic uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. This means that learning about the fundamentals of finance and focusing on how to maneuver through the volatility of the current economy is now a priority.

Eagle-Star Bowen is a licensed financial professional who takes great pride in educating and assisting people to successfully implement proper and complete financial knowledge into practice to ensure that they can make informed financial decisions for their current and future financial goals. He uses a tailored approach to financial planning to address the needs of each client.

Growing up with a disadvantaged background, Eagle-Star understands how it feels like to grind out the tough days. He comes from the working class and knows the financial woes that plague the daily lives of average Americans. With his firsthand experience, Eagle-Star knows how to prioritize and understand the concerns and goals of his clients first. He then lays out the few financial options the clients can choose from and educates them on each one so they can make sound decisions for their financial future. This way, he can guide them confidently in achieving the financial results they aim for.  

People from all walks of life, predominantly blue-collar and working-class individuals, will benefit significantly from Eagle-Star's services. He aims to help anyone wanting to make positive financial decisions get a good return on investments while protecting them against the possible market losses that may happen. 

What separates Eagle-Star from others is his adept understanding of people's financial concerns. He understands having to sacrifice the time spent with loved ones and the massive toll that having to hustle hard for the extra money does to the body. 

"I know when that time comes to hang up the hat and enter into retirement, oftentimes, people never get the choice to enjoy it because of financial issues or because their bodies won't allow them to. So it is imperative we ensure them the opportunity to enjoy life financially before their body stops them from doing so," Eagle-Star explained.

At the core of Eagle-Star's efforts is the acknowledgment that there is a dire need for someone in the industry who understands the financial unrest felt by everyday Americans. Addressing this, he also recently wrote a book called Bottom Dollar: The Truth About Money and How To Become Financially Free and Independent. He hopes to get every American to become financially empowered and at the same time break the cycle of financial misinformation. 

In the next few years, Eagle-Star Bowen hopes to share his services and reach across all 50 states of the US. He is committed to changing many lives and transforming feelings of financial desperation and hopelessness into financial success. In addition, he hopes to change the future generations of hard-working Americans and help make the dream of financial independence possible for all.


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