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Here is what people are saying about BOTTOM DOLLAR!

Kevin Belzer

"Bottom Dollar book was flat out money! I learned so much that I didn’t know. Honestly, I think I lucked out that someone introduced me to IULs about a decade ago. Most are never exposed to this secret. Imagine taking the Strategies that Eagle-Star covers in this book and implementing them when you are younger? It is never too late to start! You will truly be set for life, follow his advice. What the “public” says you need to do will not make you wealthy or set you up later in life. Eagle-Star's advice will."

Cat Mitchell

"Eagle-Star breaks down the information to an understandable level -- this is a very approachable book for anyone that is not well-versed in finances! The information is beneficial to everyone, but especially those that are intimidated by financial planning."

Jeff Miller

"Thank you Eagle for writing this great book. You put this book in terms that the working class, not so sophisticated minded, can understand and you gave us the truth. Cold-heartedly! That is what people need to hear. I'm excited to put these teachings to work. Thank you, again!"

Derrick Stanton

"Eagle, thank you for this great info, You took something very complex and really broke it down easy to understand for the everyday person. Now they can understand what to do to create financial security for themselves. Thank you for doing this."

Nathan Howie

"Definitely a mind opener for sure."

Kimberly Jones

"This book is a great read. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their financial literacy and investing strategies. It definitely has me reconsidering how I want to invest my money to better my family's future."