Who I am

“My authenticity with myself is far more valuable than anyone else’s opinion of how they think I should be”

~Eagle-Star Bowen~

I am both excited and nervous to write this section of the book. I think this is however one of the most powerful and Important parts of the book. This is what I call the who am I section of the book where I bear my soul and get real!

This is where I give you all the truth about who you are dealing with right now. This is where I get uncomfortable and tell you exactly who I am, where I am from and share my mindset and beliefs and my past experiences in life. I am doing this so you can decide whether I am someone you feel you can trust and someone relatable to you and if I am someone that is qualified to understand your concerns, your issues and if I am someone qualified to help you solve those issues.

Well, let’s rip off the band-aid and get into it. My name is Eagle-Star Bowen. I am now a grown up confident and competent man that is secure and confident in who I am, what I want to accomplish, and I know exactly what I want out of life. I am a man that believes the legacy I leave is far more important than any material possession I could ever leave. I strongly believe God created me to change the world and this book is a catalyst to me being able to fulfill that mission.

I am a father, brother, friend, son, and to some an enemy (you can’t please everyone)

Growing up was not typical for me in any way. I did not come from a loving family with both parents and a white picket fence. I am from the entire opposite of that. I am from an extremely broken and dysfunctional beginning don’t worry though this is not a pity party. I am very thankful for my upbringing from birth all the way through it molded me and made the man I am today. 

I was born on April 24, 1980, to a young and troubled couple in Bisbee Arizona. That was the beginning of what has been an interesting path of troubles and blessings that were to come and that ultimately gave me my heart, my drive, my compassion, my passion to serve, my grit and many more things that have really shaped me and lead me here today where I am writing this book.

I grew up with a single mother of three for the early years of life. My father was a hippy drifter with no direction and no desire to bear the responsibility of raising children so he would drift and disappear leaving my mother to fend for herself on very little financial resources. I know many of you may be able to relate to that part of the story of being raised in a broken home and for that I say it may have not been ideal, but it was also a blessing because it prepared you for life, do you agree?

My mother is an amazing sweet, beautiful soul; however, she deals with some mental illness issues that at times would create a monster. I won’t get into too much detail on that, but I will just say it led to physical abuse of myself and my older sister. I am grateful for the experience of that though so do not feel bad for me. I took a very valuable lesson out of that experience and that lesson is that I can take a hit and I learned that the world will beat you up and spit you out and that the devil may use those closest to you to try and break you. I learned that I am unbreakable when facing what appears to be unbearable odds!!.

That is a huge advantage of mine knowing that the world cannot break me. It is also a huge advantage for you as well, whether you realize it yet or not.

Fast forward a few years, that is when my life drastically changed for the better. I remember the day very vividly; it was a Saturday morning and as usual I was watching cartoons running around being rambunctious in my favorite snoopy pajamas. I remember a knock on the door and on the other side of the door unbeknown to me would be who I am certain beyond a shadow of doubt is my guardian angel! I had no idea at the time but that is the day my life started to change forever. 

That fateful knock on the door would ultimately lead me into the foster care system where at last my sisters and I could feel safe and secure. I know what you may be thinking. There are many horror stories out there regarding the foster care system and you may be wondering did I experience that type of situation, well I can proudly say no I did not!In fact my story was a far cry from one of those stories, my experience was as good as it gets. I am forever grateful for what the foster care system brought to me and for my guardian angel (my social worker).

I entered the foster system when I was around nine years old or so. My youngest sister and I stayed together through the years, and we went from a group home as our first home, one other great home and then to my final home which for me was my perfect home. I landed on a ranch with who would ultimately become my hero in life. I call him dad now but back then when I was about twelve years old, I called him ray. 

Ray is a hardworking old school cowboy with a huge heart and gave me love, direction, shelter, security and finally a positive male role model to look up to and follow. He taught me many valuable things about life over the coming years but most importantly he taught me what I call my three pillars.

  • Work ethic
  • Character
  • Integrity

I am forever grateful and indebted to him for teaching me these very valuable things that I carry and keep tight to the breast. I do everything in my power each day to act in accordance with these pillars. 

As you can see my father has taught me some incredible things to carry on and pass down to the next generations in the family. I am so grateful for that, however there is one big hole that was not taught growing up and that is the rules about money and what to do with it when I got some in my hands. I was taught to work hard and earn my money which has always helped me and served me well, however that is where the buck stopped with money. I was taught to save it which is a good habit of course but I was not taught the tricks of how to properly save it and how to put it too work for myself. I do not blame anyone for that though after all how can someone teach something that they do not know or were never taught?

My father is one of the best men I have ever known, he is one of the toughest as well, growing up I would look at him like he was a superhero and although he had so many great qualities I could emulate and he taught me so many things in life, one pivotal thing he could not teach me was financial literacy. 

It would take me many years into my adult life before I would start to think about my financial future and how to put my money to work for me. By this time, I was in my late twenties and making great money as a union ironworker. I am still a proud union ironworker and still carry my journeyman card and will pay my union dues no matter what. I however was getting the money in my hands and just as quickly it would evaporate, does that sound familiar?

Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way and I am here to show you exactly how to put that money to work on your behalf and how you can empower that hard earned money to accelerate your financial future.

There are not special rules that only apply to certain social classes. What there is though is a severe lack of education on finances and how to properly plan for your future. The good news though is that book is being written to even the playing field and give everyone the real and correct information so that you can take your financial future into your own hands with confidence, and you won’t have to blindly follow a system and just hope.

We want you to be well informed, well educated, empowered and able to understand, design and implement what you are going to learn and truly set yourself free financially. 

I am writing this book to help as many people as possible learn what I was not taught growing up about money. I am now licensed in fourteen states and counting to offer and teach people about money. I am licensed to teach people how to place their money and how to put that money to work for my future. I refuse to believe that in this great nation of ours that any man woman or child should be cursed with poverty. It is my goal to enrich everyone’s life with proper and complete information about the various types of accounts that are out there that they may currently be putting their trust in blindly and educate them on the facts so they can be well informed at the very least. We will also introduce some new concepts to you that you more than likely have never heard of before, but have been around for generations and that families like the Rockefellers and other financially affluent families have been utilizing for generations as well as many big banks and corporations have been using as well. Now that you know about me, my past life, and my objective in writing this book let’s not delay any further and continue on and get you into the BOTTOM DOLLAR!!